Letters to the Editor for January 28, 2012

Dependency, Battle of the Birds, Minority shouldn't rule, helpful community


The first time the power went out for 10 hours was somewhat fun. The second time the power outage lasted for 2.5 days. I know of others that lost power for much longer times. Not so much fun anymore.

As I drove to Mill A to borrow a generator from my brother-in-law, I saw what looked like a war zone: Downed trees and power poles.

There amongst the debris; PP&L linemen working in the worst conditions as night began to fall. They too, I assume, have families at home waiting for them. But here they were, working hard for people like you and I to restore the lost electricity that most of us depend on.

As I drove by and waived and gave the "thumbs up," the returned waves were accompanied by smiles.

I am aware that numerous other organizations helped with this vast effort, and I feel compelled to thank each and every one of you. A hot shower, lights on after dark, and cooking inside sure feels great!

Scott Rumsey

White Salmon, Wash.

The battle

of the birds

Outside our sun room we have a moving picture show.

The mystery tree with bony fingers stretching toward the sky is a gathering place for birds. They come each morning for the seed we scatter on the crusty snow. There is a constant flutter as the tiny, energetic juncos vie for the best feeding spot. They spend more time chasing each other than they do to feed.

Even though there's plenty, each wants to claim it all. So, they fly at each other in what seems playful combat.

There are no casualties and all get finally fed. Perhaps it's just a game they play; maybe they haven't evolved enough yet to kill.

Anne Vance

Hood River

Minority shouldn't rule

Just a short note: Ms. (Becky) Brun and Hood River Citizens for a Local Economy, I do not need you or HRCLE to enhance or protect me. I am more than capable to take care of my health, safety and welfare (re: "Group files appeal against City in Walmart decision," Jan. 25).

I am so tired of the minority telling the majority what is good for them! And for the record, Hood River has been my home for 69 years.

Jerry Petricko

Hood River

Helpful community

Hood River is an amazing community to raise your kids and have a business.

During the recent power outage, my business had been without power for three days. I want to thank Lorena Lowell of Bambinos for the use of her refrigeration/freezer while our power was being restored.

What a caring and helpful community we are blessed to live in. Thank You!

Shahira Dobrey

Hood River

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