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High water level prompts Event Site access change

In response to continued high water on the Columbia River, Port of Hood River Waterfront Coordinator Liz Whitmore requested to the Board of Commissioners that the Event Site be reopened to kiteboard landing and launching until the Hood River sandbar is reasonably accessable for the rest of the summer.

The board agreed to the request Friday, in time for what proved to be the busiest weekend of the year (so far) at the waterfront.

“With the sandbar completely underwater and the Event Site closed to kiteboarding, it leaves a lot of people with no place to go around here,” Whitmore said Friday. “We want to support recreation at the Hood River Waterfront, and reopening the Event Site seems to be the most immediate solution to the issue.”

Whitmore will work with the board and port staff to keep an eye on the arrangement and make the call as to when the sandbar is above water enough to close the Event Site to kite landing and launching for the season.

Whitmore, who was hired to the post this spring, said after the summer season one of her duties will be to help create a more flexible high water plan for the Event Site so rules are more clear to the public and the port is not in the postion of constantly opening and closing the area, as it has had to do the last couple of years.

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