Ben's Babbles: March is such a tease

At the start of this week I was standing in the sunshine watching baseball. As I write this I’m looking out my window and watching the rain pour down. Boy, I hate March; it’s such a tease.

One minute it’s snowing, the next it is beautiful, and the next it’s raining sideways.

A few weeks ago, the weather was so bad even lacrosse was canceled.

Well OK, that cancellation was not due to the weather but pretty much everything canceled that week was.

Early spring sports are a constant adventure and that’s even before the weather gets involved. Technically the major league baseball started this week — with two games in Japan — at 3 a.m. Pacific time. Following two games, the Mariners and Athletics came back to resume spring training. The rest of the season doesn’t begin for another two weeks.

When the weather does get involved, the waiting gets even worse.

The Tuesday before last I stood in the pouring rain and watched the HRV softball team go through drills on its outfield grass. Nearby, the HRV lacrosse teams were also practicing through the downpour.

All of the teams had games scheduled that day. But none of them got on the bus.

Earlier that day I got a barrage of e-mails informing me of all the cancellations for the day. Included among them was the night’s lacrosse game. Turns out that one was not weather-related, but due to a scheduling problem on Redmond’s end.

The next day things were even worse.

“So you cancel all these things, but are still going to go make me stand outside in the rain for golf?” I asked, Michelle Jacobs, the athletics secretary at the high school as she brought me up to date on the cancellations.

She told me I should probably go look outside, because she doubted they would be playing on a white-covered green. Turns out she was right.

We’re all just forced to wait in March I guess. Whether it be to the weather, spring break, the delays between games in the NCAA tournament or a second opening day in major league baseball. This month can’t end soon enough.

So come on, March — just go out like a lamb already!

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