MILITARY NOTES: Seaman Ceja gains training

Navy Seaman Jorge A. Ceja, a 2008 graduate of Hood River Valley High School, is currently deployed. Ceja, along with fellow sailors and Marines aboard the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN 65), hosted a material, maintenance and management assist (3MA) team, as they evaluated the ship’s 3M program.

The 3MA team consists of senior enlisted members ranging from chief petty officers to master chief petty officers from Commander, Naval Air Force’s 3M training department. They are responsible for assessing Enterprise’s 3M program and training Sailors to be more successful at 3M.

The purpose of this visit is to find out where the ship stands right now in their maintenance program. This serves as an indicator to tell the ship what improvements are needed, whether it’s procedure, a tag-out or something involving personal protective equipment.

The 3MA team conducts multiple spot checks with various work centers in an effort to evaluate the effectiveness of the ship’s 3M program. The 3MA visit is designed to help raise that awareness and train sailors on how to improve the ship’s 3M practices.

Sailors and Marines aboard the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise and Carrier Strike Group conducted training and promoted the Sexual Assault Awareness Month campaign throughout the month of April, starting with “Hurts One, Affects All.”

The SAAM initiative is to ensure each and every sailor and Marine aboard the Enterprise completely understands that the prevention of sexual assault is an all-hands effort.

Sexual assault not only negatively impacts the Navy’s readiness, but also the well being of sailors. This effort was driven by Enterprise’s leadership, because every sailor and Marine has the right to a workplace free of discrimination, harassment and assault.

The Command’s SAAM initiative consists of three phases. The first phase, “Hurts One, Affects All,” informs service members that even a single incident of sexual assault negatively impacts combat readiness and effectiveness.

The second phase, “Prevention is Everyone’s Duty,” focuses on how sailors and Marines must look out for one another, both on and off duty, to prevent harm.

The third phase, “We Will Not Tolerate Sexual Assault,” stresses the fact that sexual assault is a problem affecting everyone in the military, regardless of service or pay grade, and must be eliminated through an all-hands effort.

Additional support and information regarding sexual assault prevention can be found at cf1ul

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