HRV students elect leaders

ASB elections were held two weeks ago at Hood River Valley High School, where seven students cast in their ballots to become part of the council.

Juniors Petra Knapp and Jack Patterson ran for president. Sophomores Jesus Morales and Texx Speza-Shwiff ran for vice president as well as juniors Emilee Ziegner, Sam Graham and Ty Bofferding.

After tallying up the votes after the assembly, the council was decided: Patterson was announced president with Spezia-Shwiff as vice president. Bofferding, Sam and Ziegner were placed on executive council.

Only seven students ran for council this year, which was a lot fewer than past elections. Usually, the ASB council holds seven students, but with the small number who ran this year there will only be five on the council next year.

The lack of participants may be a shocker, but there is a lot of commitment and stress to be a part of the council. The requirements to run are to get 100 signatures and to create a speech that will be given in front of the school during the ASB assembly.

Getting the signatures doesn’t seem that hard, but a speech in front the whole student body probably turns most students away.

You also have to be really involved and committed to the school. Planning activities, participating in events, and staying involved are the responsibilities you have when being on the council. It’s a lot of commitment and time you have to give, which some students may not be interested in.

Still, the seven students who ran this year did a really great job. Each speech that was given showed the presenters personality and excitement for the new school year. For the five students that made it, I’m sure they are very excited and will make next year as great as they can.

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