PT Pederson gains Strain certification

For anyone experiencing muscle spasms and pain, the trained hands of a physical therapy practitioner can bring welcome relief.

For one Hood River physical therapy assistant — Laura Pederson — a recently completed training in a specialty technique will offer patients additional comfort.

Pederson is now a board certified specialist in the Strain and Counterstrain technique developed by Dr. Lawrence Jones. She is one of only five practitioners in Oregon to have the added certification.

The technique now employed by Pederson “allows a therapist to painlessly release muscle and connective tissue spasm from all areas and systems in the body,” she said.

“Strain and Counterstrain has a very broad application for physical ailments and can be used for very acute traumas (ankle sprains, sports injuries, etc.) and more chronic pain conditions (fibromyalgia, TMJ, headaches),” said Pederson.

“The technique is so gentle and non-traumatic that it works extremely well for the painful patient. The patient is able to gain motion and decrease pain, allowing muscle tone to return to normal,” added Pederson.

For additional information, Pederson may be contacted at Hood River Physical Therapy, 541-386-2441 or via email at

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