‘All humans deserve respect and equality’

The work of art “Peace Poster” signifies many things to me. To begin with, I will start by sharing what the main center of attention is.

The globe and the hands in my perspective represent the diversity all around the world and united hands represent how different cultures come to a point of unity to vanish all thoughts or feelings of racism.

I will next move on to the ribbons and the great mural of flags, which once again refers to the union between many different countries and the ribbons represent gay and straight alliance and all humans deserve respect and equality, and to promote this peace all around the world.

Finally, all the great structural building representations have their own personal significance. The Mexican “Angel de la Independencia” and “Christo Rey” in Rio de Janerio both represent the great multicultural diversity all around the world and how we all join into peace and union regardless of our religious beliefs.

The Eifel Tower and the Dubai building show the great man structures and what humans are capable of if we collaborate with teamwork.

Last but not least the World Trade Center with the black ribbon of mourning represents my great respect and sadness for all those who were lost in the attack of 9/11 and our reaching out to all their families and loved ones, and also to show how when peace is lost we don’t only lose peace itself but humanity as well.

— Vincente Rodriquez

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