The Marcus Corner On Being Watchfully Aware


Don’t kill the tree that gives you shade. Don’t become calm enough to catch fire, or punished enough to knowingly come home early.

Open minded, we are approachable. Humanity unties us, as we come to those we must let go of. To be human is to belong, mercifully kind and personally compassionate.


If we let go, we must do this in a human way. Characteristic of mankind, we need to find a vibrational sound and ride it in full swing. If love must let go of us, it must first break down the full shelter we keep it in. We hang in doubt, especially when the dog howls all night long.


Idealistically kind, the wall is near us. Solemn and openly offended, we hang between life and what else there is before this. Personal and logically touched, humanity unites us. Unusually sympathetic to those areas in life that are proper, this moves into where the victory is near at hand.

An establishment covers a kindness, where even the best must let go. To be left alone this becomes a general application wounded somewhere between life and death.


There is no way that importance can bring us up any greater. The indication works properly when in a personal way we come out as human. Here we feel pain badly, as if in an accident. There is no reason to drive on or to move fast enough to make time.


In the least possible way we become basic. Thoughtful enough, we have a careful way of living, as if open-eyed we become watchfully aware of everything.

God is in this!

Marcus Jensen, 64, has lived in the Gorge since 1985. Marcus suffered massive brain injury at age 20. Through singing, talking and reading, he is gradually strengthening his brain.

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