Wishram School thanks LDS for ‘month of service’

Wishram School Facilities Manager Tye Churchwell writes: “During the month of September, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints did a ‘day of service’ in the community of Wishram.

“Actually, what was originally planned as a ‘day of service’ turned out to be more like a ‘month of service’ for some.

“An amazing core group of hard-working, dedicated, focused volunteers came into Wishram with the goal of making a difference. They asked us to put together a wish list of things we would like to see happen. In our wildest dreams, none of us believed that even a portion of the items on the list would get done — all of them did.

“The amount of work that these volunteers put into the community of Wishram, not counting all the planning that went on prior to the work, was nothing less than remarkable.

“Wishram School staff would like to express our deepest appreciation for the volunteer work that church members, along with volunteers from various Gorge communities, did for the community of Wishram. Words cannot describe, nor do justice, to the appreciation that most of us in Wishram feel.

“These volunteers worked countless hours. They caulked and painted the entire exterior of the school building (and it is a huge building); demolished and removed numerous truckloads of concrete; built forms to replace the concrete, along with building other forms for new concrete; poured and finished all the concrete; moved and spread over 20 yards of gravel. They also repaired several areas of chain link fencing.

“At the same time all of this was going on, the exterior of the fire station was primed and painted; the fire department garage roof was stripped and replaced; the community garden was weeded and mulched; and several handicap ramps for elderly and/or disabled community members were repaired and/or built new. A huge barbecue was brought in for all the volunteers and any community members who wanted to come.

“The planning that went into this project was nothing short of amazing. Over 200 total strangers came into Wishram and made a difference.

“Again, as I said before, words cannot describe the appreciation we feel, but we truly want to say thank you. These days of service were a blessing to the community of Wishram.”

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