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Seniors sizzle in league action

Our senior bowlers sizzled in league action last week.

Flamboyant Ron Baumsteiger rolled a jaunty 652 series and just nipped the ubiquitous Len Hickman by a stick for high score honors by seniors last week. Hood River’s famous man-about-town notched a fabulous 651 set. And just missing these tall totals by only a mark was unassuming senior star Joe Krug, who fashioned a fine 642 series.

And we’re not done yet: Marion Campbell travels all the way from Goldendale to bowl league every week because loves the game so much and wants to stay active. Marion posted a mighty fine 613 series to join the hit parade. To rack up big numbers like these takes some big games: Ron had 236 and 220; Len had 246 and 210; Joe had 234, 206 and 202 and Marion had a 230. And, for the second week in a row, lefty Len Allen continued in the zone, cuffing the sticks with a 233 game.

While we’re on the subject of lofty numbers, none may be any better than the 196 game that our renowned nonagenarian Esther Yarnell rolled last week in the Colts and Fillies league. Just missing the magical 200 mark by only a few pins, our 90-year-old star is easily one of the best bowlers in the country for her age. Many bowlers half Esther’s age or even a third her age have never seen a 190 game.

That’s it for this week. Great bowling everybody, and welcome back Tuesday Night Mixed league.


Team of the Week:

Brandon Kawachi, 722

Bill Pullum, 674

Jeff Miller, 674

Chris Voyles, 668

Jeremy Bloom, 664


Jeff Miller,674 series

Matt Weber, 246 game


Charlotte Severns, 500 series

Marge Meyer, 191 game

Tuesday Night Mixed

Brandon Kawachi, 722 series

Pat Olson, 279 game

Colts and Fillies

Ron Baumsteiger, 652 series

Len Hickman, 246 game


Bill Pullum, 674 series

Casey Barker, 275 game

Lads and Lassies

Marion Campbell, 613 series

Len Allen, 233 game

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