Fire restrictions still active

The Oregon Department of Forestry, The Dalles Unit, would like to remind everyone living or recreating in the Gorge that a burn ban and regulated use closure are still in effect. Although the recent weather has been cooler and may provide some precipitation, it has not been enough to significantly reduce fire danger. Below are most of the closures still in effect for ODF-protected lands:

n No debris burning of any kind. All burn permits are still suspended until further notice.

n Campfires are only allowed in Memmaloose and Viento State Parks, as well as Tucker and Toll Bridge county parks. All other campfires on ODF-protected lands are prohibited.

n Portable cooking stoves that use charcoal are prohibited. Stoves using liquefied or bottled fuels are allowed.

n All motor vehicles must stay on improved roads that are clear of flammable debris.

n Each vehicle traveling off of public roads must carry one 2.5-pound fire extinguisher or one gallon of water, as well as one shovel or one axe.

n Smoking is prohibited except in vehicles on roads.

n The non-industrial use of chain saws is prohibited between the hours of 1-8 p.m. Each saw must also have a fire extinguisher, shovel and axe. You must also observe a one-hour fire watch after the use of each saw.

All questions can be directed to the Oregon Department of Forestry office in The Dalles at 541-296-4626.

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