Gorge Soup seeks diners, presenters

Eat soup, network, hear granting ‘pitches,’ and then vote

Gorge Soup community dinners resume Nov. 13; 50 tickets are available for the dinner at Celilo Restaurant. About 15 seats are available.

Presenter applications for this dinner are due by Nov. 1. For details visit gorgesoup.wordpress.com.

Gorge Soup is a dinner event where people buy tickets, come to dinner and eat soup while hearing presentations by people who are starting a new business, creating a new nonprofit or developing a new community solution.

At the end of the dinner, everyone votes on who had the best idea. The winner gets the ticket money to use to make his or her idea a reality.

Gorge Soup began last year with two adult events and one for Gorge-area students in grades K-12. Last year’s season resulted in a total of five new ventures receiving a total of more than $5,500 in support. (The winning recipient in the May student group Gorge Soup donated part of its prize to a group not chosen.)

Organizers say that at least three new Soup events have begun in Portland and Seattle, inspired by Gorge Soup.

Questions, sponsorships and all other inquiries can be sent to Gorge Soup at gorgesoup@gmail.com. Gorge Soup is on Facebook: (www.facebook.com/gorgesoup).

Future soup dates are:

n Tuesday, Feb. 5; 50 tickets available for this dinner at Celilo Restaurant. Presenter applications are due by Jan. 18.

n Tuesday, May 14, Gorge Soup for Kids Dinner; 125 tickets available for this dinner at Springhouse Cellar Winery. Student presenter applications are due by April 17.

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