Mosier apps up

Mosier Middle schoolers issued iPads this week

Sept. 18 was iPad roll-out day at Mosier Middle School.

Anticipation was heavy as each of the students received their iPad, which will be used for in-class research, video making and presentations, typing of papers and be a substitute for textbooks, according to Principal Dave Sather.

Sather has goals of having each student create a short film with their iPad over specific academic subjects and to explore new course offerings.

“A normal hardbound textbook can easily cost you $80 to $120, but now we can buy, let’s say a Spanish textbook, for $14.99 and it has the audio and video files for greater depth — two students even want to try Chinese!” said Sather.

Sather, who is new from Alaska, used iPads in his former district.

“They were really invaluable in making films and for research.”

Several of the students are eager to explore these language textbooks and will be taking German and Chinese. Students were quick to start the exploring the different apps for zooming in on famous monuments.

Executive Director Carole Schmidt noted that “watching the excitement of the student’s receiving their iPads was remarkable. One student explained the solar system to me from an app he was using and was uncovering layers of new information with every swipe of his finger. He was devouring new knowledge as fast as he could read it. I’m thrilled we can bring this opportunity to our Mosier students.”

The iPads were paid for through the implementation grant for the Mosier Middle School, which is in its second year. Enrollment applications are still being accepted in grades 7-8.

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