DEQ seeks public comment on landfill

The Department of Environmental Quality is proposing to renew the Solid Waste Closure Permit for the Hood River Landfill for a 10-year period.

The renewal is open to public comment.

This permit will allow the county to continue to maintain and monitor the landfill. The closed municipal solid waste landfill is located on Hillcrest Road near Hood River and had accepted municipal solid waste from Hood River County from 1971 until 1981.

DEQ will evaluate the types and amounts of the buried waste along with the location of the facility to determine the permit requirements according to the federal and state regulations.

The DEQ will respond to all comments received and may modify the proposed permit based on the comments. Comments are due by 5 p.m. on April 22.

To submit your comments for the public record, email Liz Clark, permit coordinator, at clark.liz@deq.state., or send mail or a fax to Liz Clark, permit coordinator, Oregon DEQ, Eastern Region, Solid Waste Program, 400 E. Scenic Drive, Ste. 307, The Dalles, OR 97058.

If it is not managed properly, the landfill could potentially impact the groundwater or surface water. Degradation of the waste could also possibly create landfill gases that could contaminate groundwater or cause a potential explosion risk. Solid waste can also transmit diseases to people by vectors like birds and insects.

The DEQ permit contains certain requirements to avoid issues and environmental impacts, some requirements are to maintain the landfill cap, monitor groundwater and monitor for landfill gases.

Another requirement is that the ponds that contain leachate (water runoff from the waste that is collected and treated) will be relined to prevent further leaking or potential problems with the surface water. DEQ conducts inspections at the facility on a yearly basis.

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