Letters to the Editor for May 1

Fishing Freeloaders

Friday I thought I would go a day early and camp before opening trout season at Laurance Lake. What I saw was a certain group of people fishing illegally. Not only were they fishing illegally but also they were taking native trout and could care less about a limit.

Where are our game wardens? This happens all the time, and what do we pay our fees for? I know the first time I would cheat; I would get a ticket. Could someone from Fish and Game comment? I never see game wardens up there and I fish there a lot!

Jim Burdick


Johnson too busy?

Rep. Mark Johnson is a person with strong ideas and a history of community involvement. However, his absence at local school board meetings during the last year borders on neglect.

After last week’s letter to the editor about Mr. Johnson being too busy in Salem to be present at Hood River School Board meetings, I checked the district records.

It turns out that this year Mr. Johnson has been absent 41 percent of the time. This is at a period of time when we are in financial fiasco created by oversight and inattention.

The job of the school board is to oversee the district; it’s policies, programs, and operations. Two years ago, state funding was decreased and Hood River was forced to close Pine Grove School, cut over 35 staff, and lost many support services for students. It was painful, but done with the assurance that from here forth, Hood River would have a stable school budget.

The result of this promise is a projected $1.4 million shortfall for next year. Being present to oversee the operation of the school district does not mean that you are not in attendance for significant portion of the board meetings.

Asking critical questions and examining expenditures in our local district is something that cannot be done from committee meetings and speeches in Salem.

We could have used Mr. Johnson’s assumed financial expertise here in Hood River. It is time for a change. I am voting for Mary Reynolds the write in candidate running against Mark Johnson.

Jerry Mohar

Hood River

Reynolds for School Board

I would like to highly recommend Mary Reynolds for school board. Mary is an educator who consistently and tirelessly advocates for children.

Throughout her years in teaching, she has always endorsed and supported educational practices and curriculum that are in a child’s best interest.

I have known Mary for 13 years. We served on the Mid Columbia Reading Council board together and attended many Oregon Reading Association conferences.

While soft-spoken, Mary has a remarkable way of identifying the heart of an issue with her fierce intellect and looks outside the box for solutions. Mary cuts to the chase and gets the job done, sprinkling her wit along the way.

Mary is running in opposition to Mark Johnson for position 6 and is a write in candidate. It’s time we had a position 6 school board member who thoughtfully supports children and education.

Keri Bradberry

Hood River

Glasses lost, help!

While spending several days in Hood River this last week, I lost my prescription glasses. I was at Down Manor, Expertec Auto Repair, a Beauty Shop in Odell, and Hood River Hospital.

The glasses have progressive lens and wire frames in a black soft case. If anyone has found them please contact Bobbi at 541-386-2207 or Ruby at 503-393-8334. Thank You

Ruby Pantalone


Jazz thanks

In my five years living in Hood River, I’ve missed live jazz. Except for these, for whose generosity of their talent and spirit I am most grateful: John Bryan, guitar; Susan Crowley, bass and vocals; Bob Green, percussion; Dave Henehan, guitar; Diana Lysgaard, bass; Paula Runyan, mandolin and vocals; Mike Stillman, sax; Alan Taylor, horn and vocals; Linda Taylor, keyboard; Dennis Williams, sax.

Gathering with joyful spontaneity, working with no permanent name, not locked into a musical category, they simply, wonderfully, play together. We enjoy them Fridays, 5 p.m. at the Gallery 301, southwest corner of 3rd and Oak. Check it out.

David Hupp

Hood River

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