ROUND TABLE: Taking bids on assorted asphalt observations

No solid center stripe on what follows, but tell me, if, as a column, this can pass ...

With so much road and street work going on these days, it’s a good time for a few asphalt observations.

n The State Street project (story, A5) is a worthy one, but it makes a good cause for two things: walking, telecommuting, and riding CAT transit.

n If you see the city crew taking up the parking meters on State Street, don’t get too excited: There will be no parking available on State between Front and Second for a few months as work proceeds on new sidewalks and retaining wall.

n Speaking of parking: has anyone else noticed the growing trend of parking on Serpentine, just south of Sherman Street? It’s on a curve and a hill, so buyer beware.

(Or does the city plan to move the State Street meters there? Not that we’re advocating it …)

n The water pipeline installation project on West Belmont had the unique distinction of routing traffic through a school parking lot while crews dug up the road.

n Wine Country Avenue is coming along and should be open in about three weeks, much to the relief of the two businesses most affected by construction of the new road, Stonehedge Restaurant and Mid Columbia Marine and Motor Sport, who both have new access ways due to construction.

The new road, connecting West Cascade and Country Club, is so-named at the urging of vintners located west of town via Country Club.

n Meanwhile, just below the elevated roadway on Wine Country, there’s an interesting kind of outdoor living room/office ensemble of weathered tables, chairs, desks, and even a TV, awaiting collection by the auctioneers who used the land last month. As it stands, the new city road looks like the road to the dump.

n On the other hand, just around the corner at Red Carpet Inn, the outdoor amenities of the establishment have recently included revival of the horseshoe pit just west of the patio.

That’s a good way to toss a few at the tavern.

n On that note, getting back to Wine Country Avenue, it’s a good name and all, but we hope to report to you the first time that police pull a driver over on that road and issue a DUII.

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