Letters to the Editor for Dec. 4

Thanks, bin fire workers

The Whitecotton families wish to thank the 45-plus firefighters and the many fire departments that responded to the bin fire on AGA road and Odell Highway on the 25th of November. You did a great job on a very difficult fire.

Thank you for saving the homes near the fire and that no one was hurt in the fire. You people do an awesome job. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Tim, Jeri, Bobby, Robert and Evelyn Whitecotton


Positive side of Affordable Care

In response to Bill Davis’ recent letter bemoaning the cancellation of health insurance for many Americans (the estimate stands at about 4 million), I would like to suggest that we instead focus on the 48 million previously uninsured Americans who now are able to get health insurance due to the Affordable Care Act.

This includes those who have pre-existing conditions, those whose jobs don’t provide health insurance benefits, those who have long been on the waiting list for OHP coverage, and those whose employers offer such poor health insurance benefits that they still have to rely on emergency rooms or government subsidized plans.

We should also remember that individuals whose policies have been canceled will certainly be offered a new policy and will still have numerous options available to them — except that the new policies will have to provide more basic, preventative services, and they won’t get dropped when they actually use their health insurance due to a serious illness or accident — and then be without health insurance because they now have a pre-existing condition. (Those safeguards are all part of the Affordable Care Act, too.)

This is, indeed, a “season for good will to reign supreme,” in Mr. Davis’ words. Let’s be thankful that more of our neighbors will now have the benefits some of us have taken for granted for so long — and perhaps we might even be willing to give something out of our abundance so that those who have little might suffer less.

Susan Wade

Hood River

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Lawnmower torches Arbor Vitae on Portland Drive

The riding lawn mower driven by Norma Cannon overheated and made contact with dry arbor vitae owned by Lee and Norma Curtis, sending more than a dozen of the tightly-packed trees up in flames. The mower, visible at far right, was totaled. No one was injured; neighbors first kept the fire at bay with garden hoses and Westside and Hood River Fire Departments responded and doused the fire before it reached any structures. Westside Fire chief Jim Trammell, in blue shirt, directs firefighters. The video was taken by Capt. Dave Smith of Hood River Fire Department. Enlarge

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