Teachers put their hair on the line

The canned food drive is currently in full swing at Hood River Valley High School, with a total of seven teachers pledging to have their heads shaved if the highest goal is met.

Every year, new goals are placed to provide further motivation for students to go into the community to collect cans.

Goals are placed for each class and the school as a whole to raise a certain amount. If a class collects 500 cans, cookies will be awarded to the class. Currently around seven classes have reached the 1,000-can mark, and will receive doughnuts for their entire sixth-period class.

The school goals are what bring the student body together, unlike the competition brewing between each class. These goals, if met, will benefit everyone in the school, whether they participated or not.

School-wide, 100,000 cans is a free dance; 115,000 cans will earn free Dairy Queen Dilly Bars; 130,000 cans will earn Lazer Tag at the Lock-In; 150,000 cans will earn a 25¢ lunch; and 200,000 cans will earn some of the faculty getting their head shaved during an assembly.

Large quantities of canned food will be transported from the high school to FISH food bank at the end of the week. However, the food drive doesn’t stop now, but will proceed through January.

If you are eager to donate, but don’t know which sixth-period class to give your cans to, call 541-490-8040 and Gabe Judah’s sixth-period class will gratefully take your cans of food whenever it is convenient.

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