HRSO plans DUII ‘blitz’

The Hood River County Sheriff’s Office is participating in a DUII enforcement overtime grant this holiday season from Dec. 13 through Jan. 1.

This grant is funded through the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration and administered by the Oregon Department of Transportation. The goal is to reduce instances of people driving under the influence of intoxicants this holiday season by high-visibility enforcement.

Hood River Police are also participating in the campaign.

Enforcement and visibility is critical in reducing fatalities and injuries that occur from impaired driving. Agencies will be increasing their patrols and have deputies dedicated to searching for impaired drivers during this time.

This year to date more than 160 DUII arrests have been made in Hood River County by area law enforcement agencies. In 2012 the numbers were about the same.

Traffic crashes related to impaired drivers in Hood River County continues to be a problem as well. The sheriff’s office urges everyone to drive with care and to not drive when using substances that impair, including prescription medication.

If you have information about an impaired driver or are concerned about someone, call 9-1-1 and report it.

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