Cases against McAndie, Bailey continued on procedural reasons

On Monday, two cases that have drawn close public attention again came before the court, but both received procedural delays.

Donald Stuart McAndie, a former Stevenson High School teacher and hearing specialist based in Hood River and The Dalles, appeared before Judge Paul Crowley via NORCOR video feed on charges of rape and kidnapping.

In the case of Jennifer Rae Bailey, 41, former board member for Hood River County Little League Baseball now accused of theft from the nonprofit’s bank accounts; a new hearing date was set for Feb. 4.

McAndie, 56, was arrested Nov. 21 by Hood River Police Detective Don Cheli on a criminal complaint filed by a woman who provided services at McAndie’s offices. McAndie is a resident of Home Valley, Wash.

McAndie’s criminal defense attorney, Jan Wyers, stated that he was not prepared to enter a plea and that he had not yet received a plea offer from the state following McAndie’s indictment on Nov. 29, 2012.

Wyers went on to say that his understanding of Oregon statutes was leading him to request an extension of the “60-day right” (to a speedy trial) for another 30 days, in order to prepare his client’s plea. Deputy District Attorney Carrie Rasmussen indicated that she read the statutes to allow a 90-day right. She did not object to the proposed timeframe for the next hearing, both being equal.

Wyers indicated that he had been unable to meet in person with Rasmussen to discuss any plea negotiations. Judge Crowley asked the attorneys to meet before the next hearing date, set for Jan. 24 at 3 p.m., to determine if the case would proceed to trial.


Jennifer Bailey was arrested Nov. 20 and charged with theft in the first degree-aggravated, and forgery in the second degree.

Bailey’s criminal defense attorney, Brian Starns, came before Judge Janet Stauffer and requested the delay. Bailey was not in court and Starns indicated she had requested and received an appearance waiver as a result of a job.

Starns’ continuance request was based, in part, on the large amount of new financial documents pertaining to the case recently obtained by District Attorney John Sewell. Starns indicated that he would need time to review the new materials. Stauffer granted the request.

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