Letters to the Editor for January 26, 2013

Amend 2nd Amendment

I am totally in support of recognizing the devastating effect of assault weapons, high-volume clips and special ammunition. I support making a change to our laws to “modernize” them to reflect the realities of gun technology.

I also think the only clean way to do this is to change the Second Amendment (which may take years). Anything less than an amendment may cause years of Supreme Court work, appeals and NRA lawsuits.

Call me a traditionalist, but the Second Amendment does state “...the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” It’s clear to me that “infringe” includes limiting the type of guns, clips and ammunition allowed.

Let’s change the Second Amendment.

Hugh Amick

Hood River

Signs of drug use

To all parents in the valley, the meth and heroin problem is gaining monumental speed! I’ve seen the destruction it causes.

If your kid’s light is on all night, check on them. See if they are getting withdrawn from the everyday routine. If they are not coming out of their room for hours or a day or so, check on them. They may lose interest in everything. They become compulsive liars. Then the only time you see them is when they take off.

Look for chunks of tinfoil in the garbage. Look for small glass pipes, small nightlight bulbs, needles, small plastic bags. I mean like 1 inch by 1 inch sealed bags. Some are smaller. Coming down from a high, they sleep for hours or a day or up to three.

It is bad here and it does not matter the age. Dealers are, after all, ages 14 on up!

John C. Dorsey

Hood River

Good faction, bad faction

In response to Jean McLean’s letter (Jan. 19): This all depends on who you talk to in Cascade Locks.

Obviously, one faction is more fiscally conservative with the budget. Obviously, one faction wants to look at waste and inefficiency. Obviously, one faction has a clearer vision to balance the city’s services.

Obviously, one faction has the voters mandate to uphold the charter. Obviously, one faction chose to ignore our constitution (charter) twice. Obviously, one faction was the instigator of our current problems in the first place. Obviously, one faction doesn’t want to listen to the voters.

Obviously, one faction thumbed its nose at the emergency services task force. Obviously, this election proves what the majority of citizens think about one faction. Obviously, both factions love this town enough to think their way is the best way.

Obviously, both factions are not interested in dis-incorporating the city. Obviously, it’s time for one faction to stop its manipulation and intimidation tactics. Obviously, this all depends on who you talk to!

Richard Randall

Cascade Lock

Failure to perform

Re: Recent proposed gun legislation:

Recently a few Oregon law personnel have stated that they would not enforce federal legislation regarding gun legislation.

They have decided that this proposed law is unconstitutional. This, despite the fact that they have no authority to decide this for themselves.

I think that any public official who unilaterally decides that their opinion is more important than that of the Supreme Court needs to be removed from office.

I do not care if you are for or against gun control; the point is that either you enforce laws or ignore them. If lawmen think that they have the power to decide which laws they will enforce, why can’t individuals pick and choose which laws they wish to follow?

In my opinion these individuals should be replaced immediately for cause. The cause is their refusal to perform the duties of their office.

Leonard Hickman

Hood River

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