Kegler's Corner: Russ Frazier fires 702 series, Jeff Miller leads Team of the Week

Russ Frazier, Hood River’s renowned Truck and Toy impresario, sure had the Midas touch on the friendly boards at Orchard Lanes in last week’s Tuesday Nite Mixed league.

Russ’ down-and-in slants from just off the right gutter were just what the doctor ordered. Starting solidly with a nice 235 game, he encountered some issues in the transitional second game before exploding with a huge 276 in his final game to just climb over the magical 700 series mark with a sparkling 702. With that fine set, Russ is knocking on the door of a 200 average; just a couple more nice series and he can join the elite tall totalers in town who flaunt that big average.

Last week saw the return from shoulder surgery of one of our most amazing senior bowlers, Gordon Sim. Gordon, who sports an impressive 211 average, is one of the best in town and heads and shoulders better than any of our other seasoned keglers. He roared back into the bowling wars with a fantastic 697 series that he fashioned in the Wednesday afternoon Colts & Fillies league. A nice outing like that will raise Gordon’s average even higher, which is not easy to do when you’re carrying such a high average to begin with!

Finally, congratulations are in order once again for young Levi Phelps, who posted the high game in the high-powered Fraternal league with a mighty fine 267 game. Levi is definitely in the running for rookie of the year honors at Orchard Lanes. He has racked up some good ones this season including a handful of 600s and a bunch of big games.

Team of the Week

Jeff Miller, 715

Russ Frazier, 702

Gordon Sim, 697

Gail Larsen, 689

Bryan Mason, 678

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