Building permits - June


U.S. Cellular Corp for Anthony Corrado, 1650 Old Dalles Road, commercial miscellaneous: install antennas

Parkdale Baptist Church, 6310 Dee Highway, commercial miscellaneous: add steeple to existing building

Rock Reid, 10445 Cooper Spur Road, mechanical: install woodstove

Warren Hunt, 6458 Sperry Road, mechanical: replace heat pump

Darren and Brittany Lawrence, 1107 Country Club Road, mechanical: new single-family dwelling

Robert Fox, 2965 Ehrck Hill Road, mechanical: new building

Laurie Mason, 3099 Eliot Drive, mechanical: air conditioning for manufactured home

Carl and Jeanine Jacobson, 3905 Willow Flat Road, mechanical: heat pump for manufactured home

Daniel Peirce, 6065 Trout Creek Ridge Road, mechanical: bath fan

Larry Cramblett, 2 Belle, Cascade Locks, mechanical

Loren Harnar, 6370 Miller Road, mechanical: addition

Laurie Mason, 3099 Eliot Drive, mechanical: gas line for manufactured home

Muriel Kiss, 2791 Glass Drive, mechanical: air conditioning add-on

Barbara Lane, 5100 Culbertson Drive, mechanical: gas line

Patricia Case, 2550 Reed Road, mechanical: addition/remodel

Ace Heating for Rodger Shute, 2978 Shute Road, mechanical: replace furnace and install heat pump

Vicki Taylor, 760 Country Club Road, mechanical: single-family dwelling

Tinman Heating for Hood River County School District, 300 WaNaPa St., Cascade Locks, commercial mechanical: remodel

Ellana and Richard Fox, 3315 Stadelman Drive, commercial mechanical: install bathroom fans for fruit storage warehouse

Mt. Hood Meadows, 14040 Highway 35, commercial mechanical: replace hydronic snowmelt system

Victorino Campos, 5810 Billings Road, double-wide manufactured home placement

Loren Harnar, 6370 Miller Road, structural: addition

Patricia Case, 2550 Reed Road, structural: addition/remodel

Vicki Taylor, 760 Country Club Road, structural: detached shop

Lynn and Sue Spellman, 3174 Odell Highway, structural: accessory building

Alvin Glaze, 4326 Portland Drive, structural: grade and fill

Sara Zielin, 5630 Lost Lake Road, structural: pole building

Herbie and Dani Annala, 1695 Country Club Road, structural: remodel/alteration

Vicki Taylor, 760 Country Club Road, structural: single-family dwelling

Darren and Brittany Lawrence, 1107 Country Club Road, structural: new single-family dwelling on vacant lot

Heather Ingersoll, 980 Montana Court, structural miscellaneous 2: roof-mount solar photo-voltaic system

Hood River County Forestry, 5335 Riordan Hill Road, structural miscellaneous 2: vault toilet base and kiosk

Cynthia Mitchell, 119 Venture, Cascade Locks, structural miscellaneous 2: deck repair

Solar City Corporation for Andrew Trickey, 830 Methodist Road, structural miscellaneous 2: roof-mount photo-voltaic system

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