WAAAM adds to collection

The Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum has announced the arrival of a 1932 Waco UBA airplane. Museum Chief Pilot Ben Davidson and Assistant Director Donna Davidson picked up the airplane in Michigan and flew it across the country to its new permanent home in Hood River.

The Waco UBA is unusual in Waco’s line in that its single cockpit has side-by-side seating for its pilot and passenger instead of the more common arrangement of separate cockpits, fore and aft.

The UBA, with a 210 HP Continental seven-cylinder radial engine, was the top-of-the-line model in Waco’s “A” series and at $4,895 was quite costly for 1932. As a result only six were sold, mostly to high-profile corporations. Just three of this airplane remain in FAA records and WAAAM will be flying the only one west of the Mississippi River.

The airplane is now on display at the museum. The museum plans to fly it at upcoming Second Saturday events.

This weekend the museum hosts the second-annual Traffic Jam; visit www.waaamuseum.org.

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