Letters to the Editor for July 20

Cascade Locks EMS funding

I am writing this letter as a citizen and council member to clarify what Rob Brostoff wrote to the letters to the editor July 13.

Rob is continuing to fan the flames of division and is riding a dead horse into town concerning the Cascade Locks EMS/ Fire department. The term fully funded is referring to the permanent staffing of two positions.

Rob won’t tell you about the many recommendations the last council thumbed its nose at. I still believe the City needs to ask its citizens with a vote to approve or disapprove a permanent funding source and to what level of service is truly needed for the community. That’s how we can replace obsolete equipment.

Rob continues to yell, the sky is falling, as for misdirecting funds, that’s exactly what has been going on and is still continuing at the expense of other city services. There are still monies being taken away from other services to help fund the two permanent positions.

We cannot continue to ignore the needs of the rest of the city. Under current financial conditions and at any cost Rob believes we should fund the fire department at an elevated level that cannot be financially sustained. In his assessment I think he is being completely unreasonable.

Once and for all this November let’s settle this divisive issue at the polls.

Richard Randall

Citizen and Council member

Cascade Locks

Appointments for life?

I was away and didn’t see some of the comments on the Bob Francis affair. I’m not sure why Bob’s personality and business savvy wouldn’t be able to get him “elected” by the people to hold the top position in our small town? The one who spends our tax dollars! To be appointed by a few is better anyway.

Our “elected” city council should work on changing our charter. Not to have the power person elected by the majority of registered voters, but to make the appointments for life.

Lengthy contracts seem like a hassle. It not only works, it’s time-tested. Our Supreme Court judges are appointed by a few, for life. That works well. All the Caesars liked it. Adolf liked it, as did Benito, Stalin and Mao.

Get on it. It’s the way forward!? Backward? Don’t know. Voting for our decision makers, our leaders, is too difficult for me.

Please direct all nonsensical comments to Arthur Babitz. He must be used to them by now.

Robert Jones

Hood River

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