HRV swim team makes waves through summer

Hood River Valley Swim Team has been busy training through spring and into the summer, and all the hard work and countless laps are showing in results from three recent contests. In two June contests — one in Madras and the other in Gresham — a number of the team’s youngest swimmers won events and had podium finishes.

Highlighting the team at the June 8-9 Madras Summer Kick-off meet were first-place finishes by Allsion Burke, Emilio Castaneda, Marina Castaneda, Dhani Freeland, Nadia Smith and Thea Smith. The following meet, the June 14-16 Howard Jones Memorial in Gresham, Emilio Castaneda beat two HRVST records on his way to winning two events and finishing second, fifth and sixth in three others. Chad Klass also set a team record in the meet.

The Howard Jones meet continued last weekend with senior swimmers, and HRVST had a stellar showing in that age group, setting four team records in relay events and breaking a 13-year drought in qualifying a relay team for the sectional meet (July 16-20 in Gresham).

Highlights from the three meets are below:

June 21-23 Howard Jones Memorial highlights (top 10 finishes):

Scott Bergstrom (18): 400 free, 2nd; 50 free, 10th; 400 IM, 3rd; 100 fly, 2nd; 100 breast, 9th; 100 free, 4th; 200 fly, 1st

Dhani Freeland (14): 400 free, 9th; 200 IM, 10th; 200 free, 9th; 100 breast, 5th; 200 back, 7th; 200 breast, 5th

Connor Webb (18): 400 IM, 7th; 100 breast, 4th; 200 breast, 2nd; 200 fly, 9th

New HRVST record:

Women senior 400 medley relay: D. Freeland, K. Webb. M. Rawding, E.Nelson, 4:58.92

Men senior 200 freestyle relay: C. Webb, C. Galvez, D. Walker, S. Bergstrom, 1:48.95

Men senior 800 freestyle relay: C. Webb, C. Galvez, D. Walker, S. Bergstrom, 8:42.13

Men senior 400 medley relay: D. Walker, C. Webb, S. Bergstrom, C. Galvez, 4:25.57

June 14-16 Howard Jones Memorial highlights (top 10 finishes):

Sarah Arpag (9): 50 free, 10th

Emilio Castaneda (10): 100 fly, 1st; 50 free, 2nd; 200 IM, 6th; 50 fly, 5th; 100 free, 3rd; 50 free, 1st

Chad Klass (12): 100 fly, 7th; 50 free, 8th

New HRVST record:

Emilio Castaneda: 50 free, 33.02, formerly held by Brian Baldwin since 1993; 100 fly, 1:24.67, formerly held by Henry Burton since 1996

Chad Klass: 100 fly, 1:15.30, formerly held by Scott Bergstrom since 2007

Madras highlights (top 5 finishes):

Hailey Bigbie (13): 500 free, 2nd; 200 IM, 3rd; 100 free, 4th; 100 breast, 4th; 100 fly, 4th

Celilo Brunn (11): 100 IM, 5th; 100 back, 5th

Adam Burke (10): 100 free, 5th; 50 breast, 4th

Allison Burke (12): 500 free, 1st; 100 IM, 1st; 100 free, 1st; 50 breast, 1st; 200 IM, 1st; 50 back, 3rd; 50 free, 2nd; 200 free, 1st

Courtney Castaneda (13): 200 free, 5th

Emilio Castaneda (10): 50 free, 1st; 50 fly, 1st; 200 free, 1st

Marina Castaneda (7): 25 back, 1st; 50 free, 4th; 25 fly, 2nd

Lucas Elliott (8): 25 breast, 2nd

Dhani Freeland (14): 100 back, 1st; 50 free, 1st; 100 fly, 1st; 200 free, 1st

Michelle Graves (7): 25 free, 3rd; 25 back, 3rd; 25 fly, 4th

Raymond Holycross (7): 25 free, 5th

Campbell Keller (10): 25 free, 5th; 25 fly, 4th

Devon Shea (11): 100 IM, 4th; 100 free, 3rd; 50 back, 5th; 50 free, 4th; 50 fly, 4th; 200 free, 5th

Drake Shea (7): 25 free, 2nd; 25 breast, 3rd; 25 back, 5th; 50 free, 4th

Nadia Smith (13): 200 IM, 2nd; 100 free, 2nd; 200 fly, 1st; 100 breast, 3rd; 200 breast, 2nd; 50 free, 2nd; 100 fly, 3rd; 200 free, 3rd

Thea Smith (8): 100 IM, 4th; 100 free, 1st; 50 free, 1st; 50 fly, 5th

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