Oregon Blue Book: online and full of information

Secretary of State Kate Brown on Feb. 14 unveiled the online version of the 2013-14 Oregon Blue Book, the state’s official almanac.

“The publication of the Blue Book is a special occasion for all Oregonians,” said Brown. “It’s an opportunity to review our state’s history and revel in its natural beauty and cultural institutions.”

The release fell on the 154th anniversary of Oregon statehood.

The Blue Book has been published every other year since 1911. It contains up-to-date listings and descriptions of government agencies and educational institutions. It includes an almanac, maps and facts about Oregon history and elections as well as information about the arts, media and other cultural institutions in Oregon. It also provides a concise analysis of Oregon’s economy, government finance and education strategy.

For lovers of Oregon’s scenic beauty, the online version gives a sneak peek of the two photographs that won a contest to grace the covers of the print version of the Blue Book, which will be released in March.

History buffs will enjoy a new online exhibit on how Oregonians have used their ocean beaches over the decades. The exhibit features dozens of photographs and highlights visionary leaders such as Tom McCall and Bob Straub, who both worked to protect public access to these treasured natural resources.

The online version of the Blue Book also offers hundreds of pages of exclusive content designed to help Oregonians explore their state and its history. It includes biographical sketches of notable Oregonians as well as descriptions of some of the best movies and books with Oregon connections. It even includes games, trivia, quizzes, and polls — all focused on Oregon history and culture.

Video clips in the Blue Book include a photo tour of Oregon bridges, health care and agriculture, as well as 2012 Oregon Duck football.

An excerpt on the section explaining the governor’s duties states:

“The governor provides leadership, planning and coordination for the executive branch of state government. He appoints many department and agency heads within the executive branch and appoints members to nearly 300 policymaking, regulatory and advisory boards and commissions.

“The governor proposes a two-year budget to the Legislature, recommends a legislative program to each regular session and may also call special sessions. He reviews all bills passed by the Legislature and may veto measures he believes are not in the public interest.

“The governor chairs both the State Land Board, which manages state-owned lands, and the Progress Board, which sets strategic goals for Oregon. The governor acts as Superintendent of Public Instruction, directs state government’s coordination with local and federal governments and is commander-in-chief of the state’s military forces.”

A hard copy Blue Book order form is available at: Bluebook.state.or.us.

The Oregon Blue Book is produced by the Archives Division of the Secretary of State’s office.

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