Kegler's Corner: Incredibowls win County League

A ticker tape parade is definitely in order for the Incredibowls team, which won the Thursday evening Hood River County league at Orchard Lanes last week in a championship match that pitted the first-half winners against the second-half winners for all the marbles.

With great skill and composure, the Incredibowls bowled over the Damifino’s team in the roll-off, three games to one, to take the title.

Bowling for the champs was the league high average powerhouse trio of Rod Pratt, Ryan Pratt and Steve Watt. These guys carry three of the top five averages in the league, making them the odds-on favorites and all that talent didn’t disappoint. Hail to the victors. As for everybody else, don’t give up; get some practice in during the off-season to get sharp and work on your games. That’s how you can become the champs next season.

Top individual awards in the league for the season included Rod Pratt for men’s high average at 178 pins per game; Joyce Wilson for women’s high average at 150 pins per game; Rod Pratt for men’s high game, a classy 255; Joyce Wilson for women’s high game at 204 pins; Rod Pratt for men’s high series, a sweet 654 set and Ellen Davis for women’s high series, a 508 set.

Great bowling County league, we’re going to miss your unparalleled enthusiasm on the lanes and we can’t wait to see you again next October.

The Tuesday Nite Mixed league had its last regular season session this past week, where things really got interesting. This league has a roll-off for the overall champion by including the teams who finished first and second in both halves. In the second half that just concluded, there was a tie for second place between All in the Family and Valley View Appliances. To resolve this dilemma there will be a three-game roll-off between these two teams before next week’s final session.

The winner of that match will join teams 3 Pins and a Split, Got Sand and Team Nishi, the second-half winners, and the first and second place finishers in the first half in a final three-game total pins match for the championship next Tuesday night.

This should prove to be an old-fashioned donnybrook, so come on up and watch the fireworks; you won’t be disappointed.

League scoring last week had to be at an apex for the season; it was incredible. Take a quick look at the team of the week. You had to shoot 700 just to make the big five this time and there were two whoppers — Greg McDaniel’s monstrous 792 and Brandon Kawachi’s huge 771.

These two big shooters have been posting massive numbers like these all season with machine-like frequency.

There were also handfuls of other big scores in the Monday night Industrial and Wednesday night Fraternal leagues. In fact, there were so many big scores we could have had a very respectful team of the week in each league.

There were five sets over 680 in the Industrial and 12 sets over 650 in the powerful Fraternal. Kawachi’s 771 series was in the Industrial, where he also posted the high game of the week, a beautiful 11-strike-in-a-row 290. Pat Olson’s 719 and Matt Hodges’ 710 sets were racked up in the Fraternal.

There have been many weeks during this season when 650 sets would have made the team of the week, so take heart everybody, you all bowled well.

As usual, the team of the week is jam-packed with household names in the local bowling wars.

Team of the Week:

Greg McDaniel, 792

Brandon Kawachi, 771

Josh Worth, 727

Pat Olson, 719

Matt Hodges, 710

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