STEM summer camps offered

The Mt. Adams Institute announces a new partnership with Cascade Mountain School to engage local youth in innovative summer outdoor programming.

Cascade Mountain School is a science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)-focused educational program for middle and high school students grounded in ecological and community values. The school offers students the opportunity to apply scientific and mathematical concepts to real-world issues in an academically rigorous learning environment that is kinesthetic, healthy, and holistic.

Cascade Mountain School students develop skills for a changing world in which they must be able to act nimbly, think creatively and synthesize information.

The school is offering three distinct residential programs for middle and high school students this summer:

n Farm to Table Bike Camp, July 7-13 — Students will explore Trout Lake, a quiet agricultural valley, by bicycle and get their hands dirty farming while learning about food production and organic agriculture. Afternoons will be dedicated time for recreation, relaxation and enjoyment. In the evenings, students will create delicious meals from what they have harvested during the day.

n Field Ecology Academy, Aug. 4-17 — Students will conduct meaningful ecological research while hiking, backpacking, and camping near Mount Adams. They will spend time exploring alpine meadows, lakes and glaciers of Mount Adams, and collaborating with local scientists on relevant ecological studies. They will walk away with a full semester’s worth of high school science credit.

n Mt. Hood Science Camp, Aug. 18-23 — Students will explore the Hood River Valley learning about salmon, climate change and watersheds, while hiking and camping in beautiful locations.

“We’re excited to collaborate with Cascade Mountain School and Emily Goodwin, CMS director,” said Brendan Norman, Mt. Adams Institute director. “Our partnership will allow both organizations to operate more efficiently and effectively in fulfilling our missions.”

Mt. Adams Institute is a Trout Lake-based nonprofit organization with a mission to strengthen the connection between people and the natural world through education, service learning, career development and research.


For more information about Cascade Mountain School and/or to register for summer courses, visit For more information about the Mt. Adams Institute, visit

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