Rehearsals begin for new ladies chorus

There is a new ladies chorus in the Gorge, under the umbrella of the Mid-Columbia Community Choir. This group, for now, will be known as the Mid-Columbia Community Choir Ladies Chorus.

“Presently we have 15 ladies who have stepped forward and there is room for other ladies who would like to sing with us to join,” said Perry Cole, who will direct the group. “We are hoping that the group will become 20 to 25, making a very nice small chorus.”

The group plans to be a music ministry, giving concerts in special venues such as assisted living, civic groups and at MCCC scheduled concerts. It will sing arrangements for three-part ensembles with several pieces having optional fourth parts.

The genre will include a variety of religious styles from classical to contemporary, including some greatly loved hymns.

The first rehearsal will be held April 4 at 7 p.m. at the Tucker Road Baptist Church, 1455 Tucker Road, Hood River.

Plans are to continue rehearsals on Thursday evenings until school is out in June. Prior to June the group will discuss future rehearsal and concert commitments as Mid-Columbia Community Choir begins the fall rehearsal schedule.

Cole plans to have this special group sing for the Thanksgiving and Christmas programs this year. A short recital is planned prior to summer, so it will require strict attendance and home work from the group.

An initial membership fee of $25 is required, payable to Mid-Columbia Community Choir by the April 11 rehearsal. This is a volunteer group; no one will receive compensation.

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