Kegler’s Corner: Your Rental Center wins Industrial league tourney

We definitely had a Cinderella conclusion to the Monday night men’s Industrial League at Hood River’s Orchard Lanes. The season-ending NCAA-basketball-like, March madness bracket tournament the league uses to determine its champion turned into an old-fashioned donnybrook.

Seeding in the league’s three week bracket matches is determined by overall performance during the regular season. Because of this exciting format, Your Rental Center, the No.8 and last seed to make it into the championship tournament, took advantage of the opportunity and emerged as the league champion by a whisker.

The final championship match against Hood River Supply (No.6 seed) was about as close as it could get, with Your Rental Center taking the title by a mere two pins in the nerve-racking three game head-to-head contest.

Bowling for the champs were Woody Eskildsen, Zach Mohun, Jeff Drennan, Eric Foster and Aaron Troxel.

Troxel starred for the winners by firing a huge 278 in his second game. He finished up with a nice 625 series which was 100 pins over his average.

It’s interesting to note all four of the league’s top seeds lost in the first round. That’s what makes this league so appealing for its participants; virtually every team has a good chance to win the title. It’s really refreshing to see the underdogs get a chance to go to the big show and then take all the marbles. In traditional league formats, you will never see an eighth-place team win a title.

Top individual honors in the league for the season went to a quintet of local bowling’s finest players, Jason DeGeus for high average at a whopping 222 pins per game; Brandon Kawachi and Jeff Miller had high game at 290 and, Greg McDaniel took high series with a big 792 set.

The Tuesday morning women’s Workshirkers league also has a new champion for the first time in umpteen years. In the roll off between the first and second half winners to decide the league champion, team Ain’t We Tweet simply rolled over Nobi’s to take the title. Bowling for the new champs were Vicki Ross, Dacia Johnson, Bernie Keys and Peggy Dunn.

Bernie and Peggy were instrumental in the victory as they both rolled nifty 214’s in the second game of the match, overwhelming Nobi’s by 120 pins. That was the key in the match as Nobi’s never recovered from that shellacking. The Nobi’s team was considered a dynasty in town as they had won this league for so many years in a row we lost count. Nobi’s stellar star, Nancy Asai, swept top individual honors in the league for the season with a 193 average, 257 game and a fine 709 series. No wonder they were so hard to beat.

The Snickering Seniors team won the second half in the Wednesday afternoon Colts & Fillies league. This league is dedicated to fun and socialization so it doesn’t have a roll off at the end of the season to determine a champion. Instead they simply have first and second half winners. Bowling for the Snickering Seniors were Polly Bull, Ellen Cochran, Jim McClain and Bucky Klantchnek. Taking top individual honors in the league for the season were senior star Gordon Sim and Peggy Dunn for high average at 205 and 169 pins per game respectively; Joe Krug had high game and series for the men with 257 and a magical 700; and Peggy Dunn did the same for the women with 237 and 611.

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