Looking for fish? Try ODFW’s new interactive map

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife this spring introduced an interactive online fishing map and guide designed to help anglers find fishing locations all across Oregon, including in Hood River County.

The Google-based maps detail 349 locations around the state where ODFW releases millions of hatchery-reared trout for the enjoyment of the hundreds of thousands of Oregonians who go trout fishing every year. The online map can be accessed from several links found on ODFW’s home page at www.dfw.state.or.us or through the following link: http://bit.ly/ZV8bd8.

The latest addition to the suite of online fishing maps is ODFW’s High Desert region map, which points to 88 stocking sites in central and southeast Oregon, which include Laurance Lake, Lost Lake and Kingsley Reservoir in Hood River County.

The fishing maps allow viewers to zoom in for a close-up of the sites in their choice of map, satellite and terrain view. Clicking on fish-and-hook-shaped icons at each location on the map opens a text balloon with site photos, links to nearby campgrounds and other points of interest. The boxes also include information about available fish species as well as links to ODFW’s weekly recreation report, trout stocking schedule and sport fishing regulations. The maps are capable of generating GPS coordinates and turn-by-turn driving directions to each site from any starting point.

The maps were developed by ODFW’s Information and Education Division.

“We consistently hear that people want to know where they can go to fish, hunt or view wildlife. This is another tool to help them take advantage of the many opportunities Oregon has to offer,” said Roger Fuhrman, administrator of ODFW’s Information and Education Division.

Trout fishing is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the state, according to a 2006 ODFW survey of licensed anglers. Of all the licensed anglers surveyed, 73 percent said they had fished for trout in the past year. That equates to approximately 420,000 anglers. Fuhrman noted that trout fishing is also important because it is where many youngsters get their start in what can become a lifetime of fishing enjoyment.

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