Greatness serves as an achievement, totally gone before we have a chance to thank anyone else. There are still so many unknowns that believe themselves into this and then come outside of a proper function. Private investment has generated remarkable growth in the long run, both with discovered force and an open face.

Love becomes an investment, half-handled by growth and yet totally under Federal control. This statement is taken by what happens afterwards. This becomes what is remarkable, by loving what we need and losing that which has no purpose in our lives. In the still calm of life, we give thanks to this forever.

We take what listens hard, as this becomes an open restraint and a covered expression. The fact is that nothing more matters than what is beyond, no matter how far into this we find ourselves.

Marcus Jensen, 65, has lived in the Gorge since 1985. Marcus suffered massive brain injury at age 20. Through singing, talking and reading, he is gradually strengthening his brain.

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