4-H’ers ‘Tie One On’

Since there was no school on Monday, Nov.11, due to Veterans Day, the Hood River County 4-H members gathered at the OSU Extension Building to decorate their own aprons, as well as cookies, to give to people of the community.

As 4-H Ambassadors planned for only 10 participants, they were pleasantly surprised when about 25 kids showed up, eager to help out in any way they could.

The event was created to preview the upcoming event “Tie One on Day,” on which you wrap a home-baked good in an apron and give it to a neighbor as an act of kindness. It traditionally takes place the day before Thanksgiving, to show the people around you that you are thankful for them. This idea was created by author EllynAnne Geisel, who has written four books about aprons, and Oak Street Hotel is working to bring Geisel’s “Tie One On” exhibit to Hood River. Geisel believes that an apron is the symbol of history throughout all cultures, since every culture has some means of food preparation.

The day started with kids decorating aprons, which were sewn by Dani Annala, the 4-H Extension agent, while the 4-H Ambassadors baked chocolate chip cookies. Aprons were covered with felt flowers, puffy paint, glitter glue, and ribbon, and some of the kids wrote fun sayings on their aprons such as “good food, good times.” By the time they were finished decorating, they wrapped cookies inside their aprons to give to someone special.

Before leaving, each kid had to say who they were going to give it to. Some said Grandpa, some said teachers, and others said their neighbors. Whoever they chose to give it to would surely feel appreciated and, in the spirit of “Tie One On,” may even return the favor to someone else. The few remaining aprons were distributed by some of the Ambassadors at Hawks Ridge.

The apron recipients at Hawks Ridge were very surprised and grateful for the thought. Just giving them an apron and some cookies brightened their day, and made them smile. See whose day you can brighten this holiday season by giving something homemade to a neighbor to show that you’re truly thankful to have them in your life.

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