Windsheimer earns award for work in abuse prevention

Sara Windsheimer received the Judge Stephen B. Herrel award on Oct. 11 in recognition of her exceptional work to end domestic violence. Windsheimer, who now lives in Portland, graduated from Hood River Valley High School in 1999, and is daughter to Sam and Grace Windsheimer who reside in North Bonneville, Wash.

Windsheimer has worked in the violence prevention field for over 10 years. In that time she has advanced public awareness of victims’ needs by playing a fundamental role in the creation of the Safety First program in august of 2012. Safety First supervises on-site visits at the Gateway Children’s Campus, as well as providing safe exchanges of children for unsupervised parenting time. Safety first has two locations in Washington County Courthouse and the Gateway Children’s Campus, and receives grant funding from the Office on Violence Against Women.

The award is named after 19-year Multnomah County family court judge who passed away in 2006. The award is given annually to a candidate who emphasizes the importance of collaboration.

Windsheimer credits her award and the work her organization has accomplished to others. “Collaborating with other providers, judges, community justice professionals, and advocates is key to being able to offer important programs like these – we couldn’t do this work without others,” said Windsheimer.


Quinn Tyler, a junior at Hood River Valley High School, wrote this article during his time as a job shadow at Hood River News on Nov. 7.

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