Thanksgiving Roads: Have a game plan for safe travel

This will be a big travel weekend.

Thanksgiving is Thursday, and between now and Monday the roads will be full of people going to and from family and other destinations.

Then, of course, there is that little cultural event known as The Civil War, Friday in Eugene.

According to Oregon Department of Transportation estimates, more than 15,000 extra vehicles will be on Interstate 5 and roads leading to Eugene on “Civil War” game day, Nov. 29. Football fans going to the game, coupled with the added Thanksgiving holiday weekend travelers and shoppers, will impact travel time and the potential for traffic-related problems on the freeway and secondary roads.

Police and transportation safety officials urge those traveling to give themselves extra travel time, use safety restraints, stay alert to traffic and road conditions, and have a sober driver behind the wheel at all times.

It’s a solid game plan no matter where you go.

Close to home, Hood River Police are taking part in a nationwide campaign to reduce traffic crashes during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Through Dec. 3, officers will be on the lookout for drivers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Traveling for the holidays is complicated enough, under the best of circumstances.

We wish a happy Thanksgiving to all those on the road and those who are staying home.


Safe behavior is in all drivers’ hands. What is not in our control is road and traffic condition, but that information is readily available. Updates are on ODOT’s travel information website at or by calling 5-1-1.

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