Kids shred Grominator skate contest

The fourth-annual Grominator skateboarding contest brought 32 kids to the Hood River Skate Park Saturday for what turned out to be the nicest, and driest, day in the last few weeks. Parents, volunteers and sponsors helped make the grassroots event a success. A variety of contests were held in the morning, such as highest ollie, kickflips, longest manual and best trick, and the afternoon hours were occupied by the bowl jam (see results below). For more photos search Grominator Skate Contest on

Bowl Jam results

Boys 6 and ander

1st: Miles Hayden

2nd: Jude Freeman

3rd: Will Karlson

Boys 7

1st: Ethan Will

2nd: Parker Arneson

3rd: Ossy O’Connell

Boys 8-9

1st: Quintin LeVille

2nd: Milo Hayden

3rd: Max Jones

Boys 10-11

1st: Josh Dulac

2nd: Tanner Auzas

3rd: Kai Freeman

Boys 12-13

1st: Kyle Ward

2nd: Sean FitzSimons

Boys 14-15

1st: Tucker FitzSimons

2nd: Hank Huxoll

3rd: Daniel Eastman

Girls 10 and under

1st: Ava Kitt

2nd: Peri O’Connell

Girls 11-15

1st: Maddie Collins

2nd: Livia Molodyh

3rd: Christelle Auzas

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