Hood River County Library turns 100

History books and period tales are easy to find at the library, and on Friday it looked like many of the people there had stepped out of one of those stories.

About 175 people attended the “Great Gatsby” centennial event at the library. Ben Bonham Trio provided music from the early 20th century and longtime library director June Knudson spoke. She noted that the library was founded in 1912 and built in 1913 with a $17,000 Carnegie grant.

It was under Knudson’s watch that the library was renovated in 2000-01, and expanded in 2008.

“It was a great event, with many people coming in excellent costumes,” said Buzzy Nielsen, library director, crediting Rachael Fox, assistant director, with organizing the event.

Mystery books also abound at the library, and the centennial event’s costume contest led to its own mystery: call it “Who Was the Lady in Red?”

A dapper Steve Olson and an unknown lady in resplendent crimson won the costume contest, but her identity remains a mystery.

When the Lady or a friend comes forth with her identity, Hood River News will publish a photo of the Roaring ‘20s duo.

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