MS football drives through season

Hood River and Wy’east middle schools’ combined football team put the hurt on Corbett in the team’s second game of the season Wednesday afternoon at Hood River Middle School. After playing all seventh-graders in the first half against Corbett’s combined seventh-eighth-grade team, the Hood River squad of eighth-graders exploded from a 2-0 deficit to run away with a 28-2 win.

Michael Jones, Trenton Hough, Tanner Wells and Patrick Estes all had touchdowns in the second half and Jovan Dubon added a two-point conversion in the win.

“Our seventh-graders were definitely smaller, but they held their own and kept Corbett to only a touchback in the first half,” said second-year coach David Hough. “Our eighth-graders did a great job of taking over the game from there.”

Hough said last season the roles were reversed in the game against Corbett, in which the seventh-graders got railroaded by the opposition’s larger lineup of eighth-graders.

“They definitely put it on us last year,” he said. “This year we’re probably one of the biggest eighth-grade teams around in terms of size.”

With about 65 players in the program this season, there are enough players to make separate seventh- and eighth-grade teams. Counting Wednesday’s win, the eighth-graders are now 1-1 on the season, with a close 16-14 loss Sept. 12 at The Dalles Middle School.

“I think it’ll be a different result next time we meet,” Hough Said. “A lot happened that day. We were in lockdown part of the day (due to a bank robbery suspect at large) and then ended up at the field early, so we had to sit and wait out in the heat.”

The teams play again in the last game of the season Oct. 15 at HRVHS (4 p.m. for seventh-grade, 5:15 p.m. for eighth). The team also plays at home Oct. 1 vs. Pendleton’s Sunridge Middle School, at 4 p.m. and 5:15 p.m. at HRVHS.

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