Gorge Kids Triathlon ‘Awesome’

Apparently the word awesome is still cool to today’s younger generation.

Along with an entertaining variety of other expressions of excitement, “totally awesome” echoed across the Hood River Waterfront Park Sunday morning numerous times by participants of the third-annual Gorge Kids Triathlon.

An excited (and exhausted) event organizer Chris Reitz says about 290 kids turned out for this year’s event, which raised between $10,000-$12,000 for local elementary school physical education and health programs. In its first year the event drew 204 kids and last year it drew 247.

“To have 300 kids doing something fun and active together is really cool,” Reitz said Monday. “It’s really a win-win. It raises a little money for school programs, gets kids outside and excited about something healthy and is great PR for Hood River. Events like this make Hood River a place where people want to live.”

New to the event this year, kids were divided into three distance groups rather than simply by age, which Reitz said was an improvement they’ll likely carry over to next year.

Funds from the event are divided evenly among the PTOs at each of the valley’s four elementary schools and are earmarked for PE or health-related programs.

Reitz gave a special thanks to all the event sponsors and volunteers.

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