Support teams: The unexpected can happen in winter sports action

Something totally unexpected happened Friday at the gym.

Those who were there got a half-hour of entertainment the likes of which even seasoned sports observers had never seen.

As described on page A10, the JV girls team pulled off a victory — despite having only two players on the floor for much of the final quarter of the game.

It deserves mention because it’s an example of how the remarkable can happen just about anywhere.

Local sports teams can provide it, and you never know when.

You don’t need to see an unprecedented situation like two players taking on five to witness something remarkable. It’s unlikely to happen again – but you never know. It might not be the oddity of going two-on-five and winning but it is worth checking out. This is especially true on these dark winter nights when you know that “must-see TV” is just hype, and a better use of your time and money can be found at the local gym.

What is almost assured is that some basketball player will score an amazing shot, a wrestler will come from behind to pin his or her opponent, or a swimmer will clip her opponents at the finish. Those who travel the extra few miles to watch skiing might see a skier fall on one run but get up and post a PR in the next.

The winter sports seasons at Hood River Valley High School and Horizon Christian School are in full swing, and the games are both a great evening of entertainment and a way to support our young people who spend many hours developing their skills.

A player may come off the bench or be inserted into a race or match for which they are not the headliner, and emerge with newfound confidence, win or lose. You might hear a young man sing the national anthem in public for the first time, and nail the tough notes. That happened Friday at an HRVHS girls basketball game. The singer, Miguel Vasquez, returned to his place in the band, which proceeded to entertain with a variety of jazz and rock numbers. Between the musicians, the athletes, and let’s not forget the rally squad there to cheer for the team, there was real skill and dedication filling the gym.

In any season, some teams, and individual athletes or performers, will struggle while others will excel. When it comes to competition, whether or not the teams come out on top is beside the point.

What counts are the moments when teams come together, or individuals shine, along with the lessons in camaraderie and teamwork. On any given night, small or large dramas might happen.

But you can’t witness it if you aren’t there.

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