Kegler's Corner: Levi Phelps is this week’s star

The big story in last week’s 10-pin action at Hood River’s Orchard Lanes Bowling Center has to be the terrific display by young Levi Phelps in the Wednesday night Fraternal league. Levi fired a fine 671 series that vaulted him back to the heady status of a 200 average bowler and, for the first time, vaulted him to the honorable Team of the Week.

As we have pointed out before, Levi has gobs of natural bowling talent, some of which was refined a bit in his stint in juniors at Orchard Lanes but his most significant improvement has come in the past couple of years in the Fraternal league. Levi has developed a mean strike ball that he rolls with lots of speed and revs, it hooks sharply and takes a heavy toll on the pins. In bowling, the key to racking up strikes is in the angle of entry that the ball takes when it enters the pocket. The experts claim that six degrees is the optimum hook angle. Levi’s hard charging hook easily fits that description.

Other notable results came at the able hand of everybody’s nomination for the best bowler around here for the past 20 years or so, the lanky Jeff Miller from The Dalles. Jeff rolled a pair of 700 sets last week — a 735 in the Monday night Industrial and a 724 in the Fraternal — to top all scoring. This would be a really big deal for just about all of us mortals, but not for Mr. Miller. He has not had an explosive season so far in league action; as he puts it, “most of my series have been in the low to upper 600s.” Wouldn’t we all like to have that problem?

Finally, we want to welcome Bill Pullum back to the bowling wars. Bill is an incredible bowler who has at least 15 to 20 perfect 300 games and 800 series to his credit. He returned to action with a solid 652 series in last week’s Fraternal league.

Team of the Week

Jeff Miller (6), 735

Pat Olson (9), 703

Gordon Sim (10), 686

Greg McDaniel (6), 678

Levi Phelps (1), 671

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