Letters to the Editor for July 5

List new laws

We the people need a list of all the new laws that come into effect July 1.

Then we can see that we do not break the law and we can see how hard our lawmakers work.

Paul Nevin

Hood River

Pressure problems

I am seeking anyone in “The Heights” area who may have had a “flooding” issue, within the last 3-4 weeks, caused by a drastic increase in water pressure, where the city was working on the water pipes. The damage was evidently caused (according to the plumber I used for repairing and/or replacing the “pressure valve”).

According to him, there are several homes and businesses, in the area, who were affected by the drastic ebb and flow of the water pressure as the city worked on the lines.

We feel that, since the city failed to notify the citizens of the work planned (to give us a “heads-up” so that we could monitor the change in water pressure) the city should be responsible for our “deductible,” at least. My e-mail i mjbcoffee4@yahoo.com

MJ DeVore

Hood River

‘Wrong again’

As usual, Cliff Mansfield can’t bother to check the facts before writing his letters. His claim (Our Readers Write, Saturday, June 28) that Sen. Jeff Merkley “ is the most liberal and farthest Left Senator in Washington” is blatantly untrue. According to a report by the American Conservative Union on the 2011 voting record of Senators, 19 Democrat Senators voted most consistently for progressive legislation and never once voted for regressive, i.e. Right Wing, legislation. Jeff Merkley was not one of them.

Mansfield deplores Senator Merkley’s voting record as purely progressive (a word he refuses to use). Because of his votes he should be voted out of office. Now comes the critical question.

Greg Walden votes a pure Republican conservative line. Applying Mansfield’s criteria for removal from office, then Greg Walden should be voted out of office. What is the likelihood Cliff Mansfield will vote that way? What chance does that snowball have?

Gary Fields

Hood River

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