ANOTHER VOICE: Fans of fireworks can still say ‘thank you’ for the July 4 show

Another great 4th of July Fireworks celebration at the port and the cheers still rings in our ears after we clean up the site the morning after!

Many thanks to our volunteers who put in a ton of hours – setting up the racks and mortars, planning the show, wiring the whole event, and then the clean-up, both on the evening after the show and then the next morning! Parade walkers, those who ventured to ask for financial help among those parked watching the show and to all who generously donated – many thanks!

The Port, who annually waives the fees, certainly demonstrated a grand gesture of our Old Fashioned 4th of July by assisting and closing the ‘Spit” from about noon the 3rd to noon the 5th. Our annual guests taking advantage of our winds — for being so good to work with — and no hassles, demonstrating once again that it truly takes all peoples to make this village we know as Hood River a great place to live, work and play.

Some have said that what is raised could be put to better use – but we, the Lions of the Eye Openers Club and the others volunteering time and energy to put on this show, have dedicated ourselves to service – and although the thing done is short, what a better method of celebrating our nations birth, and all that goes with it I can’t imagine.

We have to sign a contract in January to cover the cost of the fireworks, pay for permits and each person who truly wants to fully participate must then spend some time at their own expense to go to a pyrotechnics class, take some tests, assist in several shows and then get their pyrotechnician’s license.

The costs are all covered by donations from the public and from businesses that support us in our endeavor to allow us to celebrate. We have no governmental sponsors, nor corporate backing — it is sponsored fully by the Hood River Eye Openers Lions Club. We are still asking for support.

Mail your checks to: Lions Fireworks; 1767 - 12th Street No. 136; Hood River, OR 97031 — or drop them off at the UPS Store on the heights.

Again — thanks for watching, for your generosity and for helping make this event an annual demonstration of caring, giving and making it truly an Old Fashioned 4th of July!

Paul Zastrow and Russ Paddock of Hood River co-chair the Lions Pyrotechnics crew.

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