Letters to the Editor June 15, 2014

Rotaries needed

With all the complaints about the Wine Country and Country Club road solution for a failed intersection, is Hood River ready for the rotaries?

There are several more failed intersections, or soon-to-be failed intersections. I think rotaries would be a good solution to keep traffic moving, less stopping and idling and no signals needed. Oh and they are safer!

Linda Short

Hood River

Farrell for judge

This is the first contested judicial election in Hood River in a generation. Let it be about ability, not contacts. Please do your own research about these two candidates before voting this fall.

The Governor recently appointed a local attorney to fill the last few months of Judge Paul Crowley’s term who is rated 6.4 by Avvo, an independent attorney rating agency.

Tim Farrell, who is also running for office, has a national practice with a “Superb” or 10 rating by the same agency. Oregon judicial elections are meant to be about a candidate’s ability, not political contacts.

Because Tim Farrell has had a national practice instead of a local practice his rulings will be fair and impartial and not influenced by local politics or cronyism. And did you know that local attorneys are often not allowed to hear cases because their firm has represented one of the litigants in the past ?

Tim Farrell, because he has a national practice instead of a local practice, will be able to fully and efficiently hear the cases that come before him. The taxpayer will get ‘their money’s worth’ with Tim Farrell for Judge.

Be smart, vote for Tim Farrell for Judge.

Laurie Balmuth

Hood River

Keep dogs indoors

In Saturday’s newspaper appeared a photo of six dogs lying on the downtown sidewalks of Hood River. My question is, if you care about the health and well-being of your pet, why on earth would you leave it outside in 90 degree weather while you shop inside air conditioned stores?

It shows little empathy and compassion for animals. I am sure that these people adore their dogs, but I am baffled that they would treat them this way.

If it is hot outside, please leave your dogs at home, indoors.

Amy Hay

Hood River

Thomsen serves well

During the 2012 Oregon Legislative session I worked very hard on a controversial bill that sailed through the Oregon House and then got mixed up in the politics of the Republican Senate Caucus.

However, Chuck Thomsen was a very pleasant surprise for us in the Republican caucus where I lobbied for many months. He was open, cordial, intelligent, encouraging, interested, and he had a bright and helpful staff. I am a Registered Independent Party of Oregon voter and our on-line primary is on this week. I think Thomsen represents the ideals of our Independent Party very well.

District 26 is well represented by this Senator.

Marvin Sannes


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