Talk Trolley

Talk about an intriguing rollout.

The Hood River Chamber Board has put forth the idea of businesses banding together to support a trolley service for downtown and the Heights. The plan would be to shuttle visitors to businesses, hotels and attractions around the community, including the waterfront.

Such a proposal has great merit with respect to addressing traffic congestion, air pollution, and the shortage of parking.

Certainly it would add a new flavor to the commercial districts and could in itself be a draw for visitors. It’s also a “green” solution that at the very least can be looked upon as an example of the type of cooperative multi-modal ventures worth considering. We’ve urged in this space several times in recent years for organizations and businesses to find ways to partner to reduce congestion and traffic, and this is certainly one valid suggestion.

Businesses will decide for themselves if they feel it is worth the financial contribution the Chamber is asking for in order to make the service possible this summer, but at the very least it is worthwhile a call or visit to chamber director Mike Glover to explore the idea as a pilot project.

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Edward says...

What a great idea, oh wait, we already have that but no one uses it. Does the CAT ring a bell. Why not expand on what we already have and keep in mind the infrastructure is already in place for this to happen. And more importantly, do we really want some touristy Sea Side like trolley dinging its way down oak. Who are we trying to be. Mike Glover needs to start thinking about our locals. If our town is beautiful, cool, comfortable, convenient, etc.., the tourists will naturally flock. So again, do we want to be Sea Side or something better. Please don't turn us into a lame tourist attraction. Remember, some of us actually live here and raise family's here. Build an infrastructure that solves problems for the locals first and this will naturally help tourism as well. If we had a solid public transportation system we would provide EVERYONE what they want and correct me if I'm wrong, but this would solve many parking problems and please the hotel owners which you (Mike Glover) are so desperately trying to oblige. So, in my to be ignored opinion, a little re-branding, additional lines, outlying parking, and expanded hours. I only mention all this because it has worked in, oh I don't know, hundreds of thousands of small towns all around the country.

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