Three-sport athletes honored

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Hood River Valley High School recently honored athletes at a banquet who participate in all three sports seasons for the HRV Eagles. Those athletes included: Girls: Celia Acosta, 9 (cross country, Nordic skiing, track), Abigail Bartles, 10 (soccer, basketball, lacrosse), Reed Bauer, 9 (cross country, alpine skiing, track), Emma Burck, 11 (fall cheer, swimming, track), Emily Curtis, 10 (volleyball, basketball, track), Daisy Dolan, 12 (cross country, Nordic skiing, lacrosse), Lyric Emmons, 9 (cross country, Nordic skiing, track), Victoria Ervin, 10 (soccer, alpine skiing, golf), Anna Galbraith, 10 (water polo, wrestling, softball), Kathrym Guadagnuolo, 9 (girls water polo, swimming, track), Barrett Ihde, 10 (soccer, basketball, track), Eva Jones, 9 (cross country, alpine skiing, lacrosse), Sonja Joplin-Clay, 10 (fall cheer, basketball, lacrosse), Amber Kennedy, 11 (water polo, swimming, track), Rebecca Kiyokawa, 10 (soccer, basketball, lacrosse), Elena Kroll, 10 (volleyball, wrestling, lacrosse), Hannah McNerney, 11 (volleyball, basketball, softball), Kaitlyn McNerney, 9 (volleyball, basketball, softball), Grace Miller, 10 (volleyball, wrestling, softball), Paris Nunn, 10 (soccer, skiing, track), Lauren Orr, 11 (water polo, basketball, lacrosse), Josie Petersen, 10 (cross country, alpine skiing, lacrosse), Andrea Quintana Morales, 10 (cross country, basketball, track), Sophie Rowan, 11 (water polo, swimming, track), Jennifer Ruggles, 9 (water polo, basketball, track), Olivia Schafer, 11 (soccer, alpine skiing, track), Kaylin Winans, 11 (volleyball, swimming, softball). Boys: Jacob Enriquez, 10 (football, basketball, track), Patrick Estes, 11 (football, wrestling, track), Benjamin Fick, 9 (soccer, basketball, tennis), Maverick Geller, 9 (football, wrestling, lacrosse), Luke Harter, 11 (football, basketball, tennis), Trenton Hough, 11 (football, basketball, baseball), Tristan Keely, 10 (water polo, wrestling, track), Caden Leiblein, 10 (football, basketball, baseball), Nash Levy, 10 (soccer, alpine skiing, tennis), Greyson Losee, 9 (football, basketball, baseball), Christopher McElwee, 10 (football, alpine skiing, baseball), JJ Mears, 11 (water polo, basketball, baseball), Nathaniel Quintanilla, 10 (football, wrestling, track), Adrian Ramirez, 11 (football, wrestling, track), Robert Sheasby, 9 (football, wrestling, track), Erik Siekkinen, 11 (soccer, basketball, track), Jesse Wiley, 12 (cross country, Nordic skiing, track), Miles Wyatt, 9 (football, basketball, baseball), Christian Zack, 10 (football, basketball, lacrosse).

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