Community Notes: Elks party shout-out; ‘Home with Heroes’

Elks party shout-out

“A shout-out of sincere thanks to everyone in the community that donated their time and energies, merchandise and space to make the graduation night party at the Elks Club happen on Friday night,” writes Kevin Donald of Hood River.

“What a great venue for the graduates in the class of 2017 to celebrate. Nicely done, Hood River parents, businesses and educators! Hopefully this wonderful tradition will continue far into the future! Just one more reason for all of us to treasure where we live.”

‘Home with Heroes’

“With much appreciation for our U.S. Veterans, we would like to share with your readers our volunteer experience on this last Memorial weekend,” write Andy and Donna Marx of White Salmon.

“Home with Heroes featured an annual K5 run and a gun shoot. The weather was hot but beautiful for this day of running and shooting at various stations. Afterwards, winners received beautiful trophies. Food and beverages were provided for everyone. There was live music, raffle tickets and a large assortment of prizes. The grand prize was a pair of 20 gauge shot guns one for youth and one for the adult winner which were donated by Home with Heroes.

“This was our first year of participation/volunteering. There were 100 participants that ranged in age from 13-70- plus. Their goal is to have 200 participants for 2018. If the enthusiasm of this year is any gauge of enjoyment, we have no doubt they will reach their goal for 2018. Home with Heroes was a day of fun for families and friends to meet veterans who have, and are serving.

“As a volunteer, it was a wonderful feeling and we thoroughly enjoyed being a part of such a worthwhile cause. Volunteers are always welcome. Check out the web page: for pictures and upcoming events.”

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