Barajas enjoying himself at U of O

Barajas has had some adversity in his first season as a member of the Oregon Ducks track and field team, but has greatly enjoyed the experience. He’s adjusted to throwing heavier implements in college (a 16-pound shot and a 2-pound disc), setting PRs of 167-03 in discus and 54-01, respectively.

However, he pulled his groin during the season and says he “wasn’t able to compete to my fullest, especially at the end of the year.” Barajas says he especially enjoys competing for a school with such a renowned track and field program.

“Honestly, the experience is unbelievable,” he says. “You do have a little bit of pressure to compete well, to do well, to train well — you’re competing for a high-caliber team. It’s really fun when you go places; people will recognize the ‘O.’”

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