Staff members

Last name First name Position Phone Ext.
Drake Jim Entertainment and features reporter/Composition and design 541-386-1234 231
Lane Kirsten Advertising sales representative 541-386-1234
Marr Chelsea General Manager 541-386-1234
Marvin David Production manager 541-386-1234
McCarty Ben Digital Media Director for Eagle Newspapers
Methvin Stacey Sales and service 541-386-1234
Methvin Tony Columbia Gorge Press Manager 541-386-1234
Mitchell Ben Reporter 541-386-1234
Mulvihill Patrick Reporter 541-386-1234
Neumann-Rea Kirby News editor 541-386-1234
Petshow Joe Publisher and Editor 541-386-1234
Smith Esther Distribution manager 541-386-1234
Stegall Liana Advertising sales representative 541-386-1234
Stenberg Chris Office manager 541-386-1234
Thompson Jody Advertising Manager 541-386-1234
Trujillo Debbie Sales and service 541-386-1234
Walker Trisha News/Features/Sales and Service 541-386-1234 200
Wiley Derek 541-506-4603